10 Things To Know Before Getting Braces

If you are thinking of starting an orthodontic treatment, it is useful to know as much about braces as possible before getting them, as they will be on your teeth for quite some time. Here are 10 things that frequently confound patients, or that they wish they would have known before getting braces.

All About Crossbites

Orthodontics can be used at various stages of life to correct all different kinds of problems, from the purely aesthetic to the life altering. One of the problems of alignment that can occur at any age is a crossbite. Correcting a crossbite is one of the simplest things that orthodontic medicine can do, and we are going to discuss how to do so. First, let’s hear a little about what a crossbite is.

Elastics In Orthodontry

One of the most important things in orthodontry is trying to get the force of the archwire transferred to the tooth surfaces. This is done via the brackets, but sometimes the tooth has to be turned at an angle, or must have the pressure distributed in a different way than that of the main pull of the archwire. In these cases, tiny “rubber bands”, or orthodontic elastics are used to align the teeth. These elastic rings tend to confound people, so we are going to write a few words in this article to try to clear up when and why these are used and what they are used for.

Products To Keep Your Dental Braces Clean

If you have just started an orthodontic treatment and are still getting used to the discomfort, to the new set of foods and the banning of the old favourites, and may even be fighting to rectify a new speech impediment, you probably do not feel like reading about how to keep your new appliance clean. But keeping the dental braces and the teeth clean is extremely important during an orthodontic treatment, as this is how you can make it through the process without any tooth decay. Your teeth are at heightened risk during the treatment, and you will need to clean them as well as your orthodontic device. Here are some useful products that can help you do that.

Oral Hygiene Techniques For Orthodontic Patients


Orthodontic patients are automatically considered at heightened risk of cavities and other dental ills. An orthodontic device traps more plaque and can sometimes dry out the mouth, and these are conditions that make it more hospitable to bacteria.

Good teeth are a sign of attractiveness


A study has confirmed what we already know – that a white and evenly spaced set of teeth makes people seem more attractive. But it has also explained the reason. It is because teeth are a sign of health, a genetic quality designed to help choose a mate.

A good Q&A for those new to Orthodontics


If you are new to orthodontics and have a lot of questions as to the specific nature of how orthodontics work and how different braces work, and what kind of braces exist, this is an excellent article to read.

In Orthodontics, Timing Is Everything


An orthodontist has finally revealed the definitive answer to the age old question which we receive most every day: When is the right time to get orthodontics?

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