How to change orthodontist in London

Finishing orthodontic treatment

If you have started your orthodontic treatment at another clinic but wish to change dentists or have been forced to relocate, you may find yourself in a bit of a jam, as most orthodontists do not accept patients who are already undergoing orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists tend to stick to their guns, and only deal with patients that they themselves have put the braces on. We at Forest and Ray believe in a patient first approach, and we are happy to take on cases that have been started elsewhere, and this makes us unique.

Changing Orthodontist

Correct orthodontics faults

We only accept cases after a thorough consultation has been made though, as we need to see the work provided by the previous orthodontist(s) first, and see what we can guarantee and what we cannot, based on the work and the type of braces that have been applied. Certain orthodontic systems require highly specialised tools or materials to work with, and we need to be sure that we can manipulate the braces that you already have.

Work started by a different orthodontist may also have some faults in it that can be corrected along the way by our expert orthodontists. So even if you already have braces but are thinking of switching, are unhappy with your orthodontist, or simply had to relocate and are in need of a caring, expert orthodontist, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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