What To Expect After Braces Removal

If you are nearing the end of your orthodontic treatment, you must be very anxious to see what will be there once the braces come off. After braces removal, you may see many much anticipated corrections to your smile, but you may also see some unexpected consequences, and you may have to fix some dental problems that developed during the orthodontic treatment. Here are some of the problems that may have been caused during your time in braces, some of the benefits you probably have experienced, and a few pointers on rehabilitation and aftercare after braces removal.

The Length of an Orthodontic Treatment

Many patients find that they are still in braces long after the scheduled removal, and wonder why this has to take so long? The realities of orthodontic treatment are such that there are countless factors that can influence the length and duration of the process, and can make the orthodontic treatment longer or shorter. Here are some reasons why you may still be in braces, even though your orthodontic treatment should have ended a while ago.

Elastics In Orthodontry

One of the most important things in orthodontry is trying to get the force of the archwire transferred to the tooth surfaces. This is done via the brackets, but sometimes the tooth has to be turned at an angle, or must have the pressure distributed in a different way than that of the main pull of the archwire. In these cases, tiny “rubber bands”, or orthodontic elastics are used to align the teeth. These elastic rings tend to confound people, so we are going to write a few words in this article to try to clear up when and why these are used and what they are used for.

Products To Keep Your Dental Braces Clean

If you have just started an orthodontic treatment and are still getting used to the discomfort, to the new set of foods and the banning of the old favourites, and may even be fighting to rectify a new speech impediment, you probably do not feel like reading about how to keep your new appliance clean. But keeping the dental braces and the teeth clean is extremely important during an orthodontic treatment, as this is how you can make it through the process without any tooth decay. Your teeth are at heightened risk during the treatment, and you will need to clean them as well as your orthodontic device. Here are some useful products that can help you do that.

Orthodontic Alloys- What are braces made of?


What Are Braces Made Of? Braces can be made of many different types of materials, but they are most commonly made of titanium alloys, combined with nickel and/or chromium. Chromium-nickel-cobalt alloys are also prevalent. Sometimes precious metals are employed; the Incognito™ system uses gold as the only material for their brackets.

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