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Fixed metal braces are the most frequently used orthodontic system. They are sometimes called traditional braces; they are the type of orthodontry that most of us picture when hearing the word ‘braces’. Imagining yourself with metal in your mouth might be disheartening at first, but remember that this kind of orthodontic brace has many advantages too.

Advantages of metal braces

  • Cost effective
  • Small brackets, comfortable to wear
  • Capable of correcting most orthodontic problems
  • Elastic bands and brackets available in multiple colours to express your uniqueness

Metal bracketsmight not give you the perfect appearance during your treatment, but are the most efficient and cost-effective way to align your teeth with fixed braces, even if they are not the most aesthetic choice on the market today. It is the most widely used appliance to date, with great end results.

metal braces

Fix it with metal brackets

With metal braces your orthodontist will have perfect control over the movement of your teeth, while there is little control with removable aligners, for example. Another great advantage to metal braces is, that even the most complex cases can be easily solved. While certain cases simply cannot be solved with aligners or would take forever with removable devices, a fixed metal brace can handle any and all orthodontic problems. This is also the fastest kind of orthodontic appliance, as it exerts even pressure on your teeth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
This strong and reliable system can correct spacing, crowding, bite discrepancies or pull down teeth which have not erupted correctly or may be impacted.

Regular metal braces come with complementary elastic bands and ligatures to help to direct the teeth into their new positions.

As these elastics come in a variety of colors, you have the chance to express your personality. Brackets are also available in multiple shades, so you can have a rainbow in your mouth, if you want to!

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Available systems: Dentsply, 3M, American ortho, Damon, Ortho Technologies

Price: £5/day

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