Braces: Clearing Up The Confusion About Them

Maybe you’ve been contemplating getting braces but are hesitant because you’ve heard confusing things about them. To be sure, regarding braces,  misinformation, myths, and misconceptions abound. Leave it to the dental professionals at Forest & Ray to sort out fact from fiction for you so you can attain that smile you’ve always wanted.

Braces: Clearing up the confusion about them
Braces: Clearing up the confusion about them

Everyone Seems Confused

Many candidates of all ages for braces can be put off by all the confusion surrounding braces and both young and adult potential braces wearers are among those confused. For many youngsters, braces are part of growing up. With a smile considered one of the building blocks to developing self-esteem and self-confidence, parents make the investment to straighten their child’s teeth.

Nearly 4 million young people between the ages of 6 and 18 wear braces, according to the dental industry experts like the American Association of Orthodontics. Adults are no slouches, either, when it comes to an interest in getting braces for themselves. Statistics show more adults than ever before are wearing braces. But as the field of orthodontics changes and advances, candidates of all ages for braces can face confusion trying to sort fact from fiction.   

The Most Popular Misconceptions

Here are some of the more common myths about braces: 

You need a referral from the dentist to see an orthodontist. Fact: you do not need a referral. Just because your medical plan or group requires a referral from your primary physician to see a specialist, this does not hold true in dentistry. 

You don’t need to see your regular dentist while in braces or clear aligners. Yes, you do. You still should see your regular dentist at least every six months, or as often as you did before starting braces. In fact, experts say it’s even more important to see your dentist for routine cleaning and gum inspections when you are in braces than when you aren’t. Having braces makes your teeth a little more challenging to clean, and nothing beats a professional cleaning at your dentist.

Braces are painful. Fact: technology has made braces more comfortable than ever before. It used to be that the bands that went around the teeth had to be pushed on up into the gum line, and this would hurt. Today, orthodontists painlessly glue brackets onto the front of the teeth.

Invisalign or clear aligner treatment takes longer than braces.  Not always true. In most cases, the treatment time is very similar for clear aligners and braces. The biggest exception is patients that have deep bites, where the front teeth overlap and cover up the lower teeth. In this instance, the correction does take longer with clear aligners.

The Cost of Braces Is Great. This is a misnomer—especially when you consider you are investing in a smile you will have for decades. How much did you pay for your car, and how long did that last? But if you are delaying getting braces because of the cost, you may be happy to know that Forest & Ray has a convenient financial plan which can lessen the financial burden. See if you qualify!

Final Thoughts

Given what you’ve just read, there are no real reasons to put off getting braces. To counter any objections you might have, at Forest & Ray, we offer solutions that are very discreet, polished, and professional, sometimes even invisible. We have a wide range of braces, including the ever so popular Clear Aligners, and the completely invisible lingual braces called Incognito.  Modern orthodontics can painlessly improve your quality of life, without the childhood train tracks. If you would like to find out about those options, or any other orthodontic treatments, you can do so by browsing our website and scrolling to the appropriate menu points.

Better still, contact us and make an appointment to see us at our state-of-the-art, centrally located London dental clinic. Now that we have dispelled the myths and set aside the misconceptions, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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