How To Know If You Need Adult Braces

Having straight adult teeth by wearing adult braces will not only improve the health and function of your mouth but will also boost your confidence and make you feel good about sharing your smile with the world. Yes, at F&R we offer traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign®. Ceramic braces are preferred for such individuals who may feel embarrassed wearing conventional braces. The same is true for those opting for Invisalign® which is a clear mouthpiece and makes wearing adult braces less noticeable.

adult braces
Adult braces

Am I A Candidate For Adult Braces?

You may be an ideal candidate for adult braces if you have conditions such as these:

  • Crowding -usually from a genetic cause, but can also stem from nail biting or thumb sucking Crowded teeth may be turned, overlapped, or crooked and affect your bite
  • Too much space between teeth -the opposite of crowding
  • Overbite-(when your front lower teeth bite too closely to the gum by the upper teeth
  • Crossbite- when top or bottom teeth fall inside or outside of the opposite teeth, making chewing difficult
  • Overjet- commonly resulting from thumb sucking as a child, the upper front teeth protrude too far from the lower teeth
  • Open bite- when the front teeth do not touch, putting pressure on the back teeth and making chewing less efficient
  • Gummy smile -when the upper jaw is enlarged or the upper lip is shorter, giving the appearance of too much gum tissue
adult braces
Adult braces

Other Tell-tale Signals

Maybe you recognize some other things about your mouth which should make you think about getting adult braces:

  • You are embarrassed about your smile and so are hesitant to do so
  • You have problems enunciating your words
  • You experience eating difficulties
  • You have difficulty cleaning your teeth (see crossbite and open bite above)

Also, perhaps in earlier years, you didn’t wear your retainer as directed by the orthodontist. Maybe genetics are the cause of your crooked smile. Whatever the reason or the condition, your age should not be an impediment to better overall health and a perfect smile. Let us at Forest & Ray fit you with custom adult braces so you can enjoy life and smile confidently again!

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