Do Braces Rust?

The topics people query on the internet never cease to amuse me. One that recently caught my attention is whether or not braces can rust, and what to do if they do. I felt the need to write about this, as there are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings in these threads that I cannot just let them slide without adding a little to the discussions.

can braces rust?
Can braces rust?

Do braces rust? — No, They Don’t

To put it simply, orthodontic braces, both brackets and wires, are made out of stainless steel or other non-corrosive materials, meaning they are simply unable to rust under normal conditions. And your orthodontist studies for nearly a decade to make sure that he can properly use materials that were especially made to be put into the mouth of people and kept there for possibly years at a time.

Stainless steel braces

Rusty braces — Regulations

Rather a lot happens before a company is allowed to distribute a produce to the general public. There are regulations upon regulations, clinical trials, and all in all any technology that seems to be safe after extensive experimentation still needs to be peer reviewed and submitted to clinical trials, and only after all that will the FDA or any other national regulatory body even begin to consider its suitability for consumption by the general public. The medical technology available today was more likely than not first uncovered a decade ago. So while science, as everything, is imperfect, a great load of human error would be necessary for something like rust to be missed.

But my braces really are rusting

If your braces are rusting, then you have been duped. Someone has used something other than an orthodontic brace to align your teeth and you are now liable to sue, and are liable for money back as well. If you find rust on your braces, do not go back to your original orthodontist, go straight to court or to the authorities, and go to a different orthodontist to get the braces removed immediately. Rust will make you get blood poisoning, and if you get that you are in deep trouble. The next time you see the orthodontist responsible should be in court.    

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