Eating With Lingual Braces Or Invisalign: Dos And Don’ts

Eating is tricky whether you are wearing lingual braces (incognito braces) or Invisalign. You will have more freedom of choice with Invisalign because you can remove them for eating. Simply put, lingual braces look just like traditional metal ones but are placed behind your teeth out of sight and you must avoid certain foods.

Before You Get Braces: What To Expect And How To Prepare

There are a few steps to be taken your braces are applied. Your Forest & Ray dentist or orthodontist will explain the state of your teeth and discuss other pertinent things which may include a financial plan for your treatment.

Fixed Metal Braces

Fixed Metal Braces - For many procedures, only fixed braces will do the trick, and metal ones are the cheapest of all.

10 Things To Know Before Getting Braces

If you are thinking of starting an orthodontic treatment, it is useful to know as much about braces as possible before getting them, as they will be on your teeth for quite some time. Here are 10 things that frequently confound patients, or that they wish they would have known before getting braces.

What Are Removable Braces?

With so many different kinds of braces on the market, sometimes it is hard to figure out which one is the best option, or if it is an option for solving the current orthodontic problems you may be facing. To help make things easier, this article will tell you all there is to know about removable braces, one of the many kinds of orthodontic devices used in both adult and paediatric medicine to correct the bite. Read on and find out if removable braces are right for you!

How Retainers work?

Let us illuminate why your orthodontist said you have to wear a retainer, and how long you will have to wear it.

Yellow Teeth After Braces?

After many months of waiting, some orthodontic patients are incredibly disappointed to see that their teeth are a complete mess after the braces come off. Improper oral hygiene and a lack of dentist check-ups can lead to yellow teeth after braces, to white spot lesion, and even cavities on the tooth surfaces. Receiving orthodontic treatment puts you at risk of oral disease, as the teeth are harder to clean, and certain tooth surfaces remain hidden as there are brackets on top of them, leading to yellowness of the teeth after the braces come off. Damage can also be incurred from the appliance itself.

Invisalign® Teen

There is a new Invisalign® clear aligner made just for teens.

Keeping Your Teeth Straight After Braces

The best and really the only way to maintain the effects of orthodontic treatment is to wear your retainer.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

Now that the braces are on, how long will you have to live like this? Here are some factors that influence the length of treatment.