Adult Braces – Best Options

Adult orthodontics

Adult Braces – Best Options

As the stigma of wearing braces is often that of immaturity, or through the misconception that dental braces are part of some embarrassing, private treatment, some professionals tend not to get braces even though they are in need of orthodontic treatment. For these people we have solutions that are very discreet, polished, and professional, sometimes even invisible. We have a wide range of braces, including the ever so popular Clear Aligners and Invisalign® and the completely invisible lingual braces called Incognito™. Modern orthodontics can painlessly improve the quality of your life, without the childhood “train tracks”. If you would like to find out about these options, or any other orthodontic treatments, you can do so by browsing our website and scrolling to the appropriate menu points.

Why to choose fixed braces?

fixed braces

You want a perfect smile but have severe crowding or bite problems? If so, fixed braces might be the right choice for you.

Most of us would think that fixed braces are for teens only, thus giving up the dream of having a perfectly aligned smile. As people are getting more conscious about their health and appearance nowadays, more and more adults are starting orthodontic treatment.

Spacing, crowding and even the most difficult bite discrepancies can easily be corrected with fixed appliances.

Why to choose removable aligners?

removable aligners

You have mild crowding or spacing and you want something very discreet to correct your teeth? Removable aligners might be the right choice for you.

Aligners are a great alternative to conventional braces, with many advantages. The transparent plastic splints are designed especially for your teeth, and are thus very comfortable and easy to wear, and are almost invisible!

Another great advantage of aligners is that they do not adhere anything to your teeth, so there is no threat of demineralisation or development of caries.

Conventional or self-ligating?

Conventional braces

Traditional fixed orthodontic appliances are made of brackets that are adhered to the teeth, an archwire, which are periodically changed to smaller and tighter ones, and ligatures, which can be metal or elastic. Ligatures are small elastic bands that affix the archwire to the brackets. Most orthodontists stick to this system, as this is a tried and efficient method of aligning teeth. With the ligatures, the appliance is active from the beginning, while the self-ligating ones become active only after a few months.

Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces apply a special slide mechanism that gently leads the teeth to their correct positions.
The great advantage of this system is advanced comfort during treatment, as they put much less pressure on the teeth than conventional braces. It is also easier to keep your braces clean, as you don’t have to worry about ligatures which attract food and plaque.
You will also benefit from the reduced treatment time, and fewer dentist appointments.

To help you decide which option would be right for you, please see the table below, which helps you to compare the different braces.

Compare braces

  Removable? Invisible? Surface Length of treatment
Aligners yes yes inside+outside 2-8 months
Nighttime braces yes no outside 12-24 months
Metal braces no no outside 10-18 months
Aesthetic braces no almost outside 10-18 months
Lingual braces no yes inside 10-18 months

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