Common Problems With Braces

Getting braces is an important step on the journey to a beautiful smile—but it’s not all a bed of roses.  It can be difficult to adjust to the braces and continue to take care of one’s teeth. The good news is that many of these problems with braces are entirely avoidable.

Common Problems With Braces
Common Problems With Braces

These Problems Can Occur 

Gum Disease

While wearing braces, patients in the UK and elsewhere, are at a greater risk for developing gum disease. This condition typically occurs as a result of bacteria building up along the gum line. Patients may experience inflammation, bleeding, and irritation as the bacteria become trapped in the gums as a result of wearing braces.  The condition can worsen so that the gums start to recede and pockets form in the gum tissue. This can lead to bone loss and decay. This situation occurs because of the difficulty braces present to cleaning around the gums.


At Forest & Ray, we understand the increased risk may frighten people away from braces, but we have the tools to help you keep clean teeth during this process. The metal brackets and wires placed onto your teeth create spaces where food, bacteria, and plaque can easily become trapped. We recommend that patients use special tools to brush around their brackets and take extra time to make sure that teeth get as clean as possible. 


Staining is another common problem with braces. Food can gather around the brackets, staining the teeth when a patient does not remove it quickly. Since it can be difficult to clean teeth with braces, many people will end up with a white spot where the bracket was. Thus, the rest of the tooth will look yellow in comparison. We recommend that adults have a teeth whitening procedure after getting braces taken off to remove any stains that have developed during the treatment.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common problem among braces wearers. Typical causes include the food that you eat, along with an infection or poor oral hygiene. We advise you to refrain from garlic and that patients have their teeth cleaned several times a year in order to remove plaque and bacteria that could be causing the smell. People wearing braces need to brush thoroughly.

Problems Can Occur
Problems Can Occur 


This condition can occur due to acid attacking the teeth Demineralization results in white, scar-like marks forming on the teeth near where the bracket once was. This can also create extreme sensitivity since the enamel is broken down, leaving both dentin and nerve endings exposed.

Loose Bracket

Many of our patients will get a loose bracket at some point during their treatment. The brackets are secured to the teeth using a resin composite. When eating hard foods like nuts, the bracket can become loose or even pop off. This can lead to severe discomfort for the surrounding cheeks. We suggest using a special wax that can be placed around and on top of the bracket until you can get to our office. This will help you to remain comfortable. 

Broken Wire

Broken wires are probably the most common problem that we see. By eating something hard, you can cause your wire to become loose. It may irritate the cheek or other areas of your mouth, causing severe discomfort. We warn against cutting the wire on your own. Come in and let us do it. That way there is no risk of it accidentally getting swallowed.

Broken Rubber Bands

This is a simple one and if the rubber bands surrounding your brackets become loose, schedule an appointment to have them replaced. While it is quick and easy to do so, we professionals must complete the process quickly before the wire or brackets become impacted.

Loose Bands or Spacers

Bands and spacers help make the necessary room for teeth to move into the right position. From time to time, they can get loose due to what a person eats. Only our professionals can secure them in place or replace them entirely. Trying to solve the problem on your own may cause even more problems!

It is important to let the professionals at Forest & Ray handle the small problems that crop up with your braces, let us solve them, and see us a couple of times during the year—especially for cleanings. Problems with braces are not uncommon, so anticipate them and know that, while annoying, they are easily solvable or preventable. Also, “keep your eyes on the prize”—the vision of straight teeth and that perfect smile. Contact us today!

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