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Forest & Ray Dental Practice has been providing top quality care in all areas of the dental industry in the heart of London since 2007. Our highly trained and qualified staff work late into the night 7 days a week and even on bank holidays to maintain our reputation as one of the leading providers of high quality dental care in Central London.

We have state of the art equipment, using only the most modern and up to date appliances and technology, to stay on top of the ever changing and improving world of medical technology. This applies to all facets of dentistry but is especially true for orthodontics as demand has driven innovation, leading to many new types of braces. This is why we try to have all of the latest techniques at our dental clinic, including In-Ovation, Incognito braces, Happy Smile and Clear Aligners and we are always looking into what is new on the market. We also have an in-house dental technician, therefore our prices simply cannot be beaten!

We provide orthodontic treatment in the heart of London in the Bloomsbury area, right across from the British Museum, within walking distance of Holborn Station as well as Tottenham Court Road. The location of any orthodontic center is crucial as getting your teeth straightened can take a year or more; it is of the utmost importance that the orthodontic clinic be easily approachable by car and by public transportation as well.

Orthodontry is first and foremost a measure to ensure proper oral hygiene and long term dental health; as such, orthodontics are a branch of medicine, not aesthetics. Straight teeth are easier to clean and care for than crooked teeth; reducing gaps and crevices decreases the likelihood of stuck food, plaque buildup, and bacteria growth. Orthodontry also aids in the proper functioning of the jaws, as a jaw that closes well will experience less wear and tear when eating and chewing. Proper tooth alignment leads to a cleaner, healthier, happier smile.

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