Aesthetic Braces for Children London

The term aesthetic braces is a catchphrase for a number of different kinds of braces. The main idea behind each is to give an alternative to unsightly metal brackets. Standard braces are usually associated with childhood teeth straightening, and thus adults may feel shame when wearing them, or are not taken seriously while they have them on. To counter the judgmental eye of society while still trying to give people the medical care they deserve, more and more companies are realizing that aesthetic, unobtrusive braces are necessary for the adult population. A lot of these types of braces can be used by teenagers, or even children.

Aesthetic braces

Types of children braces

Aesthetic fixed brace

A standard brace that is made out of tooth colored porcelain instead of metal is considered your basic aesthetic brace. It is more appealing in its look but serves the exact same function and is, from an orthodontic point of view, the exact same brace as our standard metal braces. These, of course, can be worn by people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.


Invisalign® is considered aesthetic because of the fact that it is made of a surgical grade polyurethane thus is virtually invisible. To read more about Invisalign®, just click here. Invisalign® also has an Invisalign® kids line, and makes orthodontic appliances for teenagers as well.


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Orthodontic treatment for children only for £5 a day!
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