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As prevention is always our priority in dentistry, it is of utmost importance that we take care of our children’s teeth in early childhood. It is recommended to see an orthodontist around the age of 6 to assess if there are any discrepancies in the bite or the position of the teeth.

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It is best to start orthodontic treatment for children right after the second molars have erupted, and after all the milk teeth have fallen out, which is usually around 9-11 years of age. At this time the jawbones are still supple and treatment can be quite quick, while all the teeth are in the oral cavity.

Our expert child friendly dentists know the special requirements needed to effectively deal with child orthodontics so that the treatment can be done in time and the children will not be afraid of the dentist. We are open late and on the weekends, so you won’t need to miss a day of school to get paediatric orthodontic treatment.

Types of child braces

Just as with adult orthodontics, paediatric orthodontics offers numerous solutions to aligning teeth. You can get functional devices that are removable child braces, or you can get fixed ones as well. Many times trainers and spacers are used. These are used to make sure that teeth come out the right way and that they use up all of the available space in the mouth without crowding. Usually children will have shorter treatment times and the child braces will be worn for a shorter period of time, with a greater emphasis on the retention phase. But the most important thing in child orthodontics (or paediatric orthodontics, as it is called) is an orthodontist who understands and loves children.

Types of child braces

Aesthetic braces for children

Aesthetic child braces are available for self-conscious children. Just as with adult orthodontics, paediatric orthodontics can also offer aesthetic braces that are tooth coloured porcelain, or completely transparent sapphire crystal brackets. As some of the braces used in child orthodontics are already removable, these kinds of brackets are only available for fixed orthodontic appliances.

Child orthodontics in Central London

Our clinic is easy to get to, there is a car park and we are near Holborn tube station as well as the British Museum, so we can be easily reached by public transportation as well. We pride ourselves on our child friendly premises, and would love to get the chance to prove it to you! Orthodontists well experienced with paediatric medicine and a love for children, as well as a child friendly waiting room is what you can expect when you decide to get child braces with Forest and Ray!

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