The Three Worst Things To Happen While In Braces

Orthodontics are extremely useful, and sometimes can change the quality of your life significantly. They can save you tons of money and stress and pain, but they are not always comfortable, and they can sometimes make for pretty awkward situations as well. Here are the five most common and most irritating things that can happen while you are in braces. Try and avoid them if you can.

Food Gets Stuck In Braces

The number most common thing to happen, by far, is food getting stuck in your braces. When you first get orthodontic treatment you will be given a long list of things to avoid eating, and it is imperative that you keep the advice on that list. In fact, it is not so much advice as it is a users manual. Eating toffee, caramel, taffy, and any sticky or chewy foods will ruin your braces. They may dislodge the wire, which will then poke the inside of your mouth until you find something to do with it, they may dislodge a bracket, and they will certainly will get stuck between the wire and bracket and be impossible to clean out. This is something you do NOT want to deal with.

You Get Stuck In your own Braces

Particularly if you have ignored the do not eat list, you may find that you have some food detritus on your braces. You may try to remove it with your tongue, only to find your tongue trapped between your braces. This is painful, humiliating, and getting help may take some time, during which you can damage your braces and have to get them fixed. Alternatively, you may try and dislodge said food item by sucking on your braces; this can lead to your cheek being caught in the braces. We highly recommend getting some toothpicks instead.


Someone Else Gets Stuck In Braces

In human copulation, kissing is a very important part of the game. If your relationship with your loved one predates your relationship with your braces, you may find that kissing has become more difficult, and this may lead to some unintended consequences. Just the same way that your own tongue and cheek can become caught in your braces, it is possible, although extremely rare, that someone else’s tongue, lips or cheek may become caught in your braces. What is worse, but even rarer, is if your spouse also has braces and the brackets can actually get caught in each other. But this last one has only a few recorded cases; worth being careful, though, as this would be somewhat embarrassing.

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