What To Expect After Braces Removal

If you are nearing the end of your orthodontic treatment, you must be very anxious to see what will be there once the braces come off. After braces removal, you may see many much anticipated corrections to your smile, but you may also see some unexpected consequences, and you may have to fix some dental problems that developed during the orthodontic treatment. Here are some of the problems that may have been caused during your time in braces, some of the benefits you probably have experienced, and a few pointers on rehabilitation and aftercare after braces removal.

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Problems caused during an orthodontic treatment

It is not rare or unusual to incur some dental problems during an orthodontic treatment. The gums are in a constant state of inflammation, and the teeth are more prone to decay, because they are more difficult to clean while the tooth surfaces have the braces adhered to them. This means that it is not infrequent to see tooth decay and carries after orthodontic treatment. A quick filling and a course of fluoride ointment to remineralise your teeth should get you back to health in no time at all. Gum disease like gingivitis also has a better chance at taking hold during an orthodontic treatment, but it is can be easily dispelled with a routine course of antibiotics and a hygiene session.

Retainers and after care

Most cases do not end with tooth decay or periodontitis, but you see white spot lesions or demineralised zones on the teeth. These zones can be easily rehabilitated with fluoride treatment. Get some gel, ointment or fluoride based foam and apply it to the white spots that may be on the teeth, usually found under where the brackets used to be. This will remineralise the area, giving the tooth enamel the minerals it needs to be healthy again. Wearing your retainer is also massively important, as this is the only way that the new position of the teeth can be retained. Make sure to clean your teeth out properly after the braces come off, and it is best to go and have a hygiene session, to make sure that everything comes off. Do not brush too hard, as your enamel may be more compromised than usual and you may brush bits of it off.   

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