A good Q&A for those new to Orthodontics

If you are new to orthodontics and have a lot of questions as to the specific nature of how orthodontics work and how different braces work, and what kind of braces exist, this is an excellent article to read.

Different kinds of brace...

Giving an expert and very detailed blow by blow of the different kinds of braces, techniques and solutions, this article has answers to all of the frequently asked questions in one short place. From precise mechanisms to explanations of what desmodont is and how it works, to the different problems (besides crooked teeth) that braces can solve, these are about as exhaustive as can be for 3 pages of text.


I for one learned that tinnitus can be cured by wearing dental braces, and that caries in milk teeth can cause crooked adult teeth. The reason is that once milk teeth are removed, the adult teeth grow into the space filled, and if that happens prematurely, than the teeth grow into a space that is too small for them, thus resulting in crowding and pushing, which causes crooked teeth. Amazing. The article also details the fact that teeth do in fact move, and are not anchored in bone as stiffly as we may imagine. An informative and interesting read.

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