​Orthodontic Alloys- What Braces Are Made Of

Have you ever wondered why braces do not rust? Or how come they can be bent at will to practically any shape, without shattering or fraying? Have you ever just cleaned your braces and wondered; “what are these made of anyway?” If you have, you are in luck, because we will be talking a little about orthodontic alloys, the stuff braces are made of.

Orthodontic Alloys- What are braces made of?


What Are Braces Made Of? Braces can be made of many different types of materials, but they are most commonly made of titanium alloys, combined with nickel and/or chromium. Chromium-nickel-cobalt alloys are also prevalent. Sometimes precious metals are employed; the Incognito™ system uses gold as the only material for their brackets.

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