Can Braces Cause Migraines?

Having headaches and even debilitating migraine headaches can be a result of getting orthodontic treatment. Pain caused by braces that are too tight, or by a movement that is particularly difficult can radiate to the rest of the face, neck and head, and can come in seemingly unrelated places, like around the eyes.

Get to know more about braces-friendly candies!

Contrary to popular belief, not all candy is off limits when you have braces on. Some candy can be had, and there is a general rule of thumb or two to be followed. once you have had braces on for a while, and if you are familiar with your device and the way it works, you should be able to avoid having problems of any sort. Here are some general rules for eating candy in braces.

Best Braces Colour For Your Teeth

“What colour braces should I get?” we hear this a lot at the Forest © Ray Dental Clinic. The answers as to braces colours are as varied as your colour options. But relax, this is not a permanent decision. You will get chances later to change your mind—and the colour of your braces!

How To Know If You Need Adult Braces

Some adults think that it’s too late for them to wear adult braces. The truth is that people in their 20s, 30s and older may be good candidates for braces. Here at Forest & Ray, we are expert in fitting adults with braces and offer many cosmetic orthodontic solutions to make the experience more enjoyable.

Clear Braces: Things You Should Know

Clear braces are the answer to busy, working adults’ orthodontic prayers. Unlike metal braces, clear braces straighten your smile without brackets or archwires. Unlike metal braces, clear braces will boost your confidence and minimise your embarrassment.

First Days With Braces: What Foods to Eat?

It’s your first days with braces. What foods can I eat? Think soft, easy –to- chew foods. Basically, soft foods like yogurt and other soft fruits and cheeses. Steamed foods like veggies can also be eaten as well as non-tough meats such as luncheon meats, and seafood without shells or bones.

First Days With Braces: What Can I Expect?

During your first days with braces you can expect mild soreness or discomfort which may last for a few days to a week. Most patients experience some discomfort the first four days to a week after their braces, expanders, and/or wires are placed and after a wire adjustment and/or an activation appointment.

Lingual Braces: What You Need To Know

Braces can correct tooth gaps, crowding, rotated teeth and ‘bad bites’. Lingual braces are popular because lingual braces are placed behind the teeth. This represents an exciting option for teens and adults who want to fix their teeth invisibly while they maintain a perfect smile.

Teeth Retainers: Why Must You Wear Them?

The most important reason for teeth retainers is to help your teeth stay set in their new positions after wearing braces. It is common for teeth to move- called orthodontic relapse-after braces are removed. The retainer helps to control this shifting, which occurs naturally.

Having Straight Teeth: Why It’s Good For Your Health

Teeth straightening procedures have existed since Egyptian times for a reason. Straight teeth are synonymous with good mouth, body, and mental health. Straighter teeth can improve not only your mouth but your body and your mind because crooked teeth pose many more health dangers than a poor smile.

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