The NHS Waiting List for Orthodontics and Your Options

By now you know you will have quite a long wait for an appointment to assess whether you or your child qualifies for NHS orthodontic treatment. And sometimes you only find out after an annoyingly long wait. Here is why and what your alternatives are for getting braces in a timely way.

Fixed Metal Braces

Fixed Metal Braces - For many procedures, only fixed braces will do the trick, and metal ones are the cheapest of all.

10 Common Problems With Braces

A list with some of the most common problems that occur while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Why choose Vivera Retainers?

Vivera retainers are the brand new retainers made by Invisalign®, and they have some of the same features that make them great.

What is the Best Toothbrush for Fixed Braces?

Patients wearing fixed orthodontic braces are almost three times as likely to suffer from some sort of dental ill than their counterparts without braces. This is partially due to the fact that orthodontic appliances have some negative characteristics that demineralize teeth, and may damage your enamel, but the other half of it is that patients just do not know how to properly care for teeth that are in braces.

10 Things To Know Before Getting Braces

If you are thinking of starting an orthodontic treatment, it is useful to know as much about braces as possible before getting them, as they will be on your teeth for quite some time. Here are 10 things that frequently confound patients, or that they wish they would have known before getting braces.

What Are Removable Braces?

With so many different kinds of braces on the market, sometimes it is hard to figure out which one is the best option, or if it is an option for solving the current orthodontic problems you may be facing. To help make things easier, this article will tell you all there is to know about removable braces, one of the many kinds of orthodontic devices used in both adult and paediatric medicine to correct the bite. Read on and find out if removable braces are right for you!

Who is an orthodontic assistant?

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in dentistry, but do not have 8 years to wait until you can become a dentist? Are you just interested in who all these people who aren’t the dentist are, and why they are in the room during your treatment time? Are you just interested in who helps the orthodontist get the job done? Below you can read our description of what an orthodontic assistant is, what they do, and what kind of career it is.

What is a Lip Bumper?

A rarely used but extremely useful if somewhat cumbersome device, lip bumpers are a good example of what kind of very highly specialized gear comes out of the orthodontic dental laboratories. It is essentially an archwire that has a piece of plastic attached to it. The archwire is attached to your molars only, and the plastic goes around the front teeth.

How Wisdom Teeth Can Affect Orthodontic Treatment

​Many factors can influence the way that your teeth are aligned. One of the key factors is how your wisdom teeth are aligned, and how they are growing. Frequently, there isn’t enough room in the mouth for wisdom teeth to grow into, and these teeth become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can push all of your teeth together, causing crowding and other orthodontic issues. In these cases, it is necessary to get them removed. But in other cases, the wisdom teeth can actually act as anchor for orthodontic treatment, and should be left alone. Wisdom teeth and orthodontic treatment are not mutually exclusive, and it is well possible to align your teeth with orthodontics and keep your wisdom teeth.