Braces For Kids

Many orthodontists say kids should see an orthodontist once their permanent teeth start coming in, around age 7 because overcrowding issues begin to become apparent about then. But, the best age for braces for kids is between 10 and 14 years of age. Then, the head and the mouth are still growing and teeth are most conducive to the straightening that braces provide.

Dental Spacers: How To Help Your Child Cope With Them

Dental spacers are used to separate the teeth that are too close together before braces can be cemented on. These spacers are rubber bands that will place between certain teeth. Dental spacers typically remain in place for a few weeks at most, until the teeth have moved apart enough for the braces to be installed. In addition to rubber, dental spacers may also be made of metal.

Braces and Cavities

Braces can include: brackets, bonding material, arch wire, and ligature elastic (also known as “O-ring”). Regardless of the braces you will wear, the goal of braces is constant pressure exerted over time to move teeth into the desired positions. Special care and maintenance of not only the braces but your teeth are essential. If not, dental problems such as cavities may arise which will require costly extra dental work.

White Spots on the Teeth After Braces

When the braces are removed, some patients will often have discolouration and/or unsightly white spots. The white spots on teeth after braces are caused by the build-up of plaque. Plaque develops when bacteria are able to accumulate on the surface of the teeth. As bacteria produce acids that digest and thin out the tooth enamel, the enamel may begin to look bright white.

How to Avoid a Braces Disaster

Your teeth are at a vulnerable stage when first fitted for braces so you have to be careful or disaster can result. When thinking about potential problems with your braces start with what you put in your mouth.

Best Brushes For Ortho Patients

There is no doubt that properly brushing one’s teeth is essential for good dental hygiene. When wearing braces it takes added diligence to maintain good oral health. There is also no disputing that with braces it is harder to keep teeth clean. Why is there a problem with keeping teeth clean when braces are being worn? Food can get caught on the wires and it is harder to keep them clean than it was before the braces were in place. So, proper, vigorous brushing is even more important if you wear braces. This applies regardless of whether your braces are metal or plastic. Next, it raises the question: which type of brush is best?

Arch Braces And How They Work

The terms arch braces, arch wires, and metal braces are often used interchangeably and are simply called metal braces. Your shiny smile of metal is a collection of metal brackets held together by arch wires.

Colourful Braces Are In Fashion

Since you’re going to wear braces for a half year or more, why not have some fun with them? Now you can- with coloured braces. In today’s fashion- conscious world, convey your inner-you by wearing colourful braces.

Braces Are Important For Chewing Properly

Wearing dental braces has many benefits- chewing properly among them. This is an often overlooked and underappreciated change after braces. Why? When teeth do not fit together correctly, you simply cannot chew food as you should. What can happen when you don’t chew well?

Orthodontic Treatment: It’s Necessary - Not Just Cosmetic

The primary goal of orthodontic dentistry is to fix the patient’s teeth and set them in the right place.The fact that Orthodontic treatment is recommended as early as age 7 is just one fact that dispels the myth that this treatment is only undertaken for cosmetic reasons. The earlier it is performed, the better. Orthodontic treatment is so much more than mere cosmetic dentistry. Though the result of this treatment might be considered cosmetic dentistry to some, the primary goal of orthodontic treatment is more fundamental than cosmetic dentistry.

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