What Is Invisalign?

Many questions surround this particular orthodontic product, and we hope to clear the air about everyone’s favourite clear aligner with this helpful article.

When To Start Orthodontic Treatment

What is the perfect age to start your orthodontic treatment? All of them!

How To Prepare for the Day You Get Your Braces

The big day is here, and we will make sure you are prepared for your first day of orthodontic treatment!

Fixed Orthodontic Retainer

At the end of orthodontic treatment, you may get a retainer that you have to wear to make sure your teeth stay in their new position.

Does Invisalign work as well as fixed braces?

Sure they are pretty, but is Invisalign just as good as traditional fixed braces?

Lingual Braces Vs. Clear Aligners

Which is the best invisible brace for your dental PROBLEM? Read on as we compare the two top aesthetic braces.

What are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are the least known of the aesthetic braces options. Here is an article to popularise them.

Fixed Metal Braces

For many procedures, only fixed braces will do the trick, and metal ones are the cheapest of all.

Incognito Braces

Many patients have been wondering about Incognito brand braces, why they are so expensive, and how they are different from other fixed orthodontic appliances.

What Retainers Are Good For

Let us illuminate why your orthodontist said you have to wear a retainer, and how long you will have to wear it.

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