Having Straight Teeth: Why It’s Good For Your Health

Teeth straightening procedures have existed since Egyptian times for a reason. Straight teeth are synonymous with good mouth, body, and mental health. Straighter teeth can improve not only your mouth but your body and your mind because crooked teeth pose many more health dangers than a poor smile.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Necessary Before Braces?

In cases of an already crowded mouth with a fully grown jaw, dentists may recommend that the wisdom teeth are extracted before braces and before they can appear and cause problems. Wisdom teeth may also be removed before braces begin as a precaution against future problems in the mouth and body.

Vivera Retainers: All You Need To Know

A Vivera retainer is a clear thermoplastic retainer designed to be used after completing orthodontic treatment. Wearing Vivera retainers after traditional braces or Invisalign treatment helps keep your teeth in their new position and protects your investment. Wear the Forest & Ray provided retainers and you can be confident you are wearing the best.

Bleeding Gums: How To Treat Them With Braces

Between periodic check-ups and tightening, you may experience bleeding gums. Bleeding gums with braces are quite common but by understanding what causes bleeding gums, you can help keep them from bleeding. Treating bleeding gums with braces need not be difficult but it will require extra oral hygiene effort by you.

The Extensive Orthodontic Consultation: Questions to Ask Your Dentist

An extensive orthodontic consultation is the first step toward achieving your goal of a great smile. The goal of the extensive consultation is for our staff to listen to your concerns about your teeth, allow you to ask pertinent questions and get to know you better. The focus is to determine what treatment is needed and where to start and when.

Types of Orthodontic Consultations at Forest & Ray

An orthodontic consultation is an appointment with an orthodontist specializing in orthodontic treatments to discuss treatment options involving dental braces. It is an opportunity for the patient to get to know the orthodontist and the clinic as well as all his or her available options- including the pros and cons of those options.

How to Treat Open Bite

Open bite is a type of malocclusion, or “bad bite,” that may require orthodontic interception to correct. Open bite is a term used to describe when the upper and lower teeth are unable to make physical contact with each other when the jaws are closed.

Irene's Ideal Invisalign Aligner Day

Living with braces is a big challenge. In our article, you can read about Irene’s ideal daily routine with an Invisalign clear aligner.

Advantages of Orthodontic Trainers

Children, upon losing their baby teeth, will benefit from orthodontic trainers as the emerging adult (“permanent”) teeth will be more likely to come in properly aligned. When worn for about an hour each day and when sleeping, orthodontic trainers help your child have a good foundation for later success with braces.

Orthodontic Retainers: Fixed or Removable?

Keep in mind that wearing retainers is equally important as the orthodontic treatment itself. Whether you choose Fixed or Removable retainers you should feel proud of your decision to follow up your teeth-straightening regimen after braces.

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