Aesthetic Braces London

If your orthodontic problem cannot be fixed using aligners or want to avoid the responsibility of having a removable appliance, or just trust fixed orthodontic braces better, aesthetic fixed braces might be the right choice for you.

Advantages of aesthetic braces

  • Tooth-coloured, completely aesthetic
  • Small brackets, comfortable to wear
  • Capable of correcting most orthodontic problems, just like metal braces

These appliances combine the effectiveness of traditional metal braces with the great advantage of a spotless look provided by clear brackets.
This appliance might be the perfect choice if you are conscious about your appearance. They handle any and all of the problems that traditional fixed braces handle and are functionally the same. The only difference is that they are discreet, look smart and are not associated with childhood.

The white or transparent brackets blend into your natural tooth colour perfectly, giving you the confidence to be able to smile without anyone noticing you are wearing them. The brackets can be made of tooth coloured porcelain materials, or sapphire crystal, which are super durable, completely transparent and are all but invisible. Adding a white wire to the brackets make your braces even more discreet.

Aesthetic braces

Treatment of aesthetic braces

The only disadvantage of these brackets is that the porcelain type can discolour from certain food or beverages, so you have to be extra careful with your meals, other than that, they have all of the advantages of fixed traditional braces, but are discreet and aesthetically pleasing.

The treatment time and the procedure is the same as it would be with regular metal braces, but you can go through the entire orthodontic treatment without having to hide your smile or become self-conscious. Enjoy all of the benefits with none of the stigma of fixed metal braces!

Your orthodontist will require you to visit them every 4 weeks to adjust your braces, just like with any fixed orthodontic appliance. Small movements and gentle force will be applied to your teeth, until they reach their desired positions.
Once your braces are off, you will be provided with fixed or removable retainers that will help your teeth remain in the new position they have been aligned to.

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Available systems: Dentsply, 3M, American ortho, Damon, Ortho Technologies

Price: £85

It's never too late to get braces!
This is the perfect opportunity for you to have the smile you always wanted.

Our offer is valid until withdrawal.

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