Why choose Vivera Retainers?

Invisalign® brand clear aligners were a game changer and completely remodelled the landscape of orthodontic treatment, and now, the same great folks that brought you the most effective and important clear aligner have just released a new brand of retainers that are likely to do the same thing to retention. This new, completely transparent and comfortable Vivera retainer is the perfect follow up to Invisalign® treatment, but can be used for retention purposes after any orthodontic treatment in any system. Below, you can read all about Vivera retainers and how they work.

vivera retainer

Why retainers are necessary?

After going through orthodontic treatment, the teeth have a tendency to shift back to the original position that they were once in. A retainer is given to the patient to make sure that the teeth stay in their new position, and do not shift back to their previous position. The shift back usually takes time, and is usually incomplete, but is just enough to totally ruin the aesthetic appearance of the patient, and the shift can get worse over time, as the teeth are semi-mobile at all times. Vivera brand retainers are a perfect solution to this problem, and an aesthetic one to boot, as they provide retention but are invisible thanks to the same great design and materials that have made Invisalign® the number one aligner on the market.

When Will I Wear Retainers?

The answer to this common question is: it varies. We must take into account factors such as the complexity of the previous orthodontic procedure and your age. But we at Forest & Ray are here to recommend a custom program for you.  Here is what a retainer-wearing schedule may look like:

  • The first 3-6 months after treatment: anywhere from 12 to 22 hours a day.
  • The next 6-12 months: night time only
  • After a year: 3-5 times a week 

 The thing to keep in mind is that retainers protect the investment you’ve already made in your smile. So, we think that your investment needs to be protected in the best way possible. That’s why at Forest & Ray, we are happy and proud to provide the best treatment with Vivera retainers.

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Benefits of Vivera Retainers

  • Vivera retainers are 30% stronger than other clear retainers.  This is important because stronger retainers will better keep the teeth properly aligned and prevent relapse.
  • Vivera Retainers are more durable. Some retainers deform after only a couple of months of use. Not so with Rivera retainers.
  • Vivera retainers provide much-needed retention flexibility for the varied retainer wearing that is required. Maybe you’ll wear retainers full-time. Perhaps nights only and maybe only a few nights at that. No worries!  Vivera retainers come in 4 distinct types accommodate you.
  • Vivera retainers are comfortable to wear and unobtrusive. That means wearing them with confidence as well as comfort!

What’s so special about Vivera Retainers?

Vivera retainers are not just aesthetically pleasing, but are also made of a medical grade plastic that will not degrade over time. They are reportedly much more comfortable than fixed retainers, and are much more hygienic, as they can be taken out during meals, and need only to be used for 20 or so hours each day. Some of them are prescribed to be used only during night time, when you are sleeping, and some of them need to be worn for the rest of one’s natural lifespan. However long you need to use it, this is the perfect retainer, a sit is invisible, comfortable and super effective at its job. The unique system that makes Invisalign® so great also applies to Vivera retainers: you keep on getting new ones for the price you paid, so you do not have to worry about losing them.
Whether you have had Invisalign® based orthodontic treatment or not, ask your orthodontist about Vivera brand retainers, and see if they are available for you. We highly recommend them, as they provide a very effective treatment with minimal discomfort, and require less patient cooperation, as you just keep on getting new ones, making them the best retainers on the market today. 

Price: £5/day

Orthodontic package offer for only £5 a day!*
*With interest free finance

The offer is valid until withdrawal. 

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