Fixed Metal Braces

In a world where there are so many kinds of orthodontic systems to choose from, it may seem strange that many people still continue to wear fixed metal braces. These kinds of braces are still around because fixed braces are often needed to heal a more complex problem, and because treatment with fixed braces is always faster. But why the metal brackets? Because it is the cheapest kind of bracket available, is super durable, and is not harmful to the health of the patient.

Before and after orthodontic treatment

Advantages of fixed metal braces

Fixed orthodontic metal braces have several benefits:

  • quickest solutions
  • effective treatment
  • solution for bite disorders
  • affordable
  • aesthetic saphire brackets are available

Orthodontic treatment with metal braces

Fixed braces provide the fastest results, as they cannot be removed, are constantly exerting force, and are activated every two weeks. The patient does not have the option of removing them or of losing them, and so they constantly exert force, providing by far the quickest solutions to orthodontic alignment on the market. This expediency of treatment makes fixed braces very attractive for patients who want to be done with treatment quickly and effectively.

aesthetic fixed braces

Solution for bite disorders

The fact that fixed braces can cure every single type of malocclusion is perhaps their most attractive feature, other than their price. There is no kind of malocclusion that these braces cannot cure and realign. While certain kinds of problems, like rotating teeth or very severe malocclusions may be too much for removable appliances, aligners or other forms of orthodontry, good old traditional fixed braces will handle them.

bite disorders


Since these braces need the least amount of specialised skill, and are made from the most affordable materials, their price is going to be the lowest, too. The special metal alloy that fixed metal braces are made of are a very special blend of materials, but using them and producing the alloy is still so much cheaper than the special surgical plastic or the gold mixed alloys often used in specialty braces. With many aesthetic fixed braces, the materials are all the same, except that the brackets are made of special materials, like tooth coloured porcelain or sapphire crystals. Metal brackets are just as effective, but a lot less sightly, and thus cost a lot less.      

Price: £5/day

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