Invisalign® Full is available for £3690!

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The deal you are looking for is no longer valid.
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Invisalign® Full is available for £3690!

Nearly invisible orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®!

The package contains:

  • Free consultation*
  • Invisalign® Full aligner now with amazing pricedrop only for £3690! 

Suitability for Invisalign® Full is diagnosed by our orthodontist. A short consultation to see the orthodontist costs £27 and takes only 15 - 30 minutes. Offer is valid only if your orthodontic case is suitable for Invisalign® treatment.

Invisalign® full: Amazing pricedrop, instead of £5000 now only £3690!

Offer description:

Invisalign®  is one of the world's most advanced orthodontic technology. You do not have to wear wires or brackets anymore if you would like your teeth get straightened: with Invisalign® near invisible aligners will guide your teeth into their optimal position. In order to achive the best results possible without any pain or discomfort new sets of aligners will be given to you at each stages of your treatment. As the aligners are transparent, they are barely noticeable - you can wear them all day and remove them only for eating or brushing. Once your treatment is finished you will be given fixed or removable retainers to make sure that your teeth will stay in their new position. (Please note that the price of the retainers are not included within the offer.) 

* Complementary consultation (approx. 15 min) at one of our General Dentists in order to find out if Orthodontic treatment would be the best option for you. After this first consultation our General Dentist can refer you to our Orthodontic Specialist.
Should you wish to book an appointment directly at our Orthodontist please call us or email us for available appointment times.
Please note that the complementary consultation does not include any treatment plan.

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Evening and weekend appointments available.

The offer is valid until withdrawal, with accepted treatment plan and 50% deposit.

Details of the offer:

  • Not to be combined with other special offers
  • Only one treatment per person
  • Prior booking required
  • General cancellation policy and terms & conditions apply
  • Payment plans and interest free finance available.
  • Offer is valid for  Invisalign® Full treatment only.

Dear Visitor!

The deal you are looking for is no longer valid.
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