Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Necessary Before Braces?

Wisdom teeth and braces often don’t coexist congenially. Wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to erupt and typically appear between the ages of 17 and 25. The majority of people have them extracted because there generally isn’t enough room for them in the mouth.  Some people are fortunate enough to have plenty of room in their mouths for these additional teeth. For others, the teeth may partially erupt or become impacted because there is a lack of space for them. In this case, the wisdom teeth should be extracted to avoid an impact on the rest of the teeth. The encroachment by wisdom teeth can ruin the good work of braces and, hence, your smile. Here at Forest & Ray Dental Clinic we provide a wide range of orthodontic options and can determine if extraction of the wisdom teeth is warranted.

Wisdom tooth extraction
Wisdom tooth extraction

Some Wisdom Teeth History

Wisdom teeth are a leftover trait from when humans had larger jaws and chewed hearty leaves. Wisdom teeth tend to overcrowd already corrected molars or emerge only half way. In fact, wisdom teeth statistically have the highest chance of growing in sideways, an issue known as an impacted wisdom tooth, which can affect the nearby teeth. This has led people to believe that wisdom teeth can ruin their current or previous dental work and must be extracted before braces. There are a number of other factors that have led to this.
At about 20 years old, the jaw performs its last growth spurt, which can leave teeth crooked. This is also the age when many former braces wearers begin to neglect their retainers at night. Many people have their wisdom teeth emerge as healthy, effective back molars. In this case, the tooth has grown in straight and is not affecting the person’s bite and any dental work will be unaffected. There is nothing stopping a person with healthy wisdom teeth from getting braces either.

extraction before braces
Tooth exraction before braces

Reasons Other Than Braces To Extract Wisdom Teeth

Up until now, we’ve only addressed wisdom teeth extraction as it relates to braces. But you may want to know it what other circumstances it might be wise to remove them.  Some such dental issues are:

  • Periodontal disease- Commonly known as gum disease, it is caused by toxins released by plaque around impacted/partially emerged wisdom teeth (since they are hard to clean). Left untreated, this problem can escalate into a more serious condition that can lead to the loss of teeth and other health problems in your body as bacteria is released into the bloodstream.
  • Tooth Decay- can occur when plaque accumulates around bad wisdom teeth.
  • Abscesses- can develop around wisdom teeth. Because impacted wisdom teeth are not easy to clean and tend to retain plaque even after brushing, the bacteria on the teeth can eventually lead to pus.

What Should I Do?

Some people prefer to get have their wisdom teeth removed before any signs of trouble, while many others don’t want to bother with something that doesn’t cause them concern. If you’re wondering which route to take, think no more. Let the dental professionals at Forest & Ray recommend the course of action that is right for you. We are waiting for you!

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