Why Visit The Hygienist Before and After Braces?

Orthodontic treatment is a great way to prevent tooth decay and to prevent problems of the bite into deteriorating other aspects of your anatomy, like your neck and back muscles, along with your teeth and soft tissues in your mouth. But, in a twist that may seem counterintuitive, orthodontic treatment also puts your teeth at risk for the time that the braces are on. This is because of several reasons that we will now discuss in this informative article below.

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Heightened risk of tooth decay and periodontitis 

Your teeth are at a much higher risk of tooth decay, as there is a metal device on them that makes it difficult to clean them, and covers them entirely. Aside from this, the metal itself can suck minerals out of the tooth enamel matrix, causing demineralised zones that are white splotches and can quickly become decayed.
The gums are already under a constant state of inflammation, and this means that they are less able to fight off the bacteria that cause gingivitis and periodontitis. This is why inflammations of the gums and gum disease are a much realer risk than before.

Why before, after and during orthodontic treatment? 

To give your teeth the best chance to fight off any incoming bacteria, it is very important to undergo an oral hygiene session, as the bacteria in your mouth will be cleaned out, along with the gums and the alveolar pockets that hold the teeth in place. If the surfaces that the braces go on are clean, there is a much smaller chance of those areas becoming decayed. During the treatment, it is important to get a hygiene session, mas there may be food detritus and gunk that you cannot reach stuck on the device or the tooth surfaces, or between the two, as a result of eating food. After these are cleaned out properly, your teeth and gums will have a much better fighting chance. And once the braces come off, a hygiene session is a good idea, as it may provide you with information about your tooth surfaces, which could have changed dramatically during orthodontic treatment. In order to assess those tooth surfaces, clean them and nurture them back to health, a hygiene session with a dental professional may become necessary. 

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