When To Start Orthodontic Treatment

What is the best time for orthodontic treatment?

Many patients feel they are way too old to start orthodontic treatment, and this article is partially for them: there is no wrong time to start treatment. There is a golden time to start though, when it will be much easier than at any other time in life. But if you are past this age, it is still no problem, and you can still get orthodontic treatment as an adult, too.


The best time to start orthodontic treatment

The best time to start orthodontic treatment is right after the second molars have erupted, which is usually around 12-13 years of age, but can be considerably earlier or later as well. This is the perfect time, as this is when all of the adult teeth are in the mouth, but the bones are still at their most malleable, and so treatment will be done faster, but the results will be easier to calculate and work with. This is that time that is ideal for orthodontic treatment, but this does not mean that you cannot get it later on. Earlier on is almost always out of the question, unless it is absolutely necessary, and unless the treatment itself is very complex or prolonged, in which case it may be necessary.


If you missed your chance in your teens, you are not out of luck at all. You can still benefit from orthodontic treatment easily, but it will take more time. Adult orthodontic treatments take the needs of adults into mind, meaning there are adult options, ones that include aesthetic brackets and tooth coloured wires, or transparent brackets altogether. There are also lingual braces that go on the other side of the teeth, so that they are totally invisible, and there are also clear aligners, which look like mouth guards and are totally transparent, go over the teeth and can be taken out when needed.

Always a good idea

If you think you can benefit from having straighter teeth, either aesthetically or hygienically speaking, then it is a good idea to go and get some orthodontic treatment. Consult with your orthodontist first, but there is almost always a way to make your teeth straighter, which will improve your oral health, your overall health, and your confidence.    

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