What to expect from an orthodontist

Orthodontics is a branch of medicine that is especially sensitive. It is a part of dentistry, which is an area of medicine that people fear, along with oncology and pathology. Patients may be afraid and the industry has a bad reputation as being painful and scary. While pain can be a part of treatment, it is not necessarily a part of all dental procedures. Orthodontics is a type of treatment that is long and recurrent, and the relationship between patient and practitioner is especially important in these treatments. Patient cooperation is key, and this can only be expected if the patient knows what is happening and why, and understands that it is in their best interest that they follow any and all instructions given by the dentist. This in turn can only be expected if and only if the patient likes their orthodontist, or at the very least has respect for them. Otherwise the instructions will not be taken seriously at all.

Qualities to look for

There are some general categories that need to be present in any orthodontist if they are to be called professionals. The rest is a question that you have to ask yourself; is this a person you are comfortable seeing for 15 minutes every three weeks, and have them do things to alter your body? If the answer is yes, then you have a winner!

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General qualities

A dentist needs to be clean, keep a clean clinic, and use sterilized equipment. A dentist needs to be aware of the problems you are facing, and the solutions that can be offered, in other words, they need to be acquainted with your treatment plan. It should not take 5 minutes for an activation, and it should not take 35 minutes either, it should be around 15 minutes for a standard adjustment. The chairside manner is another thing, a dentist who is too gruff, who does not care if the patient knows about the treatment, one who just doesn’t expect or give any involvement may be a lousy doctor, even if they are a superb orthodontist, because their patients are unlikely to follow their end of the treatment plan, thus making the orthodontics rather pointless.

Specific qualities

These qualities are the ones that you would personally expect from your dentist, and they are the ones that can be different based on what you are like and the things that you find sympathetic in a person. For instance, some people are quiet and want quiet professionalism, while other people expect a good deal of gum flapping during the session, they want to be talked to. Some people want a dentist that is like a friend and who wants to know what is going on with the wife and the kids, or the pug, or your hair, etc, while others just want to be left the heck alone, and get this done gently, peacefully and without having to think about it. You should find a dentist who can respect what you want and what you expect at a dental treatment session. That is a hallmark of professionalism, and as such, is a hallmark of a good dentist.

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