What to Expect from an Orthodontic Consultation

If you are thinking of orthodontic treatment, surely you have browsed a couple of price lists, and have seen that there are orthodontic consultations of different sizes and prices. Why is that? Isn’t it the same as a regular consultation, and why do orthodontic consultations cost more? First, we will explain what kind of orthodontic consultations exist, and then extrapolate on why they are different from regular ones.

Orthodontic consultations are very important

Orthodontic consultations

There are two kinds of orthodontic consultations: extensive and short. If you just want to know generally how much it would cost to get treatment, how long you would have to wear braces and what kind they would be, and to ask all of the questions regarding orthodontic treatment, and get to know your dentist better, then a short consultation is enough. During these sessions you will speak to the dentist, they will examine your mouth and the alignment of your teeth, and give you all the answers you need. An x-ray will also be taken of your teeth.  
The second kind of consultations is for when you have already made up your mind to go ahead with the treatment. During these sessions, you will have an impression of your teeth taken, and a study model will be built that will serve as the basis of the real braces you will get. The reason these consultations cost more is because they require a lot of extra work from the orthodontist, and will require them to build the braces themselves, so this consultation is only worth it if you are sure you will be getting orthodontic treatment.

Similarities and differences

The first type of consultation is basically a regular consultation with an orthodontic leaning. It has a consultation, time to talk to your orthodontist, and lasts around 15 minutes to half an hour. The second kind (extensive consultation) though, is truly unique to orthodontics. It is basically a chance for the orthodontist to set up a device that can correct all of the problems and misalignments seen during the first visit. Since a lot of preliminary work will need to be taken by the orthodontist, there needs to be two consultations, but they can be very close to each other, so as to save you time.         

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