What are Lingual Braces?

When thinking of adult orthodontic treatments, aesthetic brackets are always the first thing that people think of. Having aesthetic braces is extremely important in this kind of dental treatment, but even those are at least partially visible, even if they are easy to glance over. But there is a kind of brace that is less talked about that can provide one hundred percent invisibility, because of their location, and not because of tricks played with being transparent or tooth coloured. This kind of adult orthodontry is called lingual braces, and they are an up and coming way of handling teeth.

Some Incognito™ brand lingual braces

All about lingual braces

Lingual braces are regular fixed braces that are placed on the lingual side of the teeth. This is the opposite side of where they are usually placed, on the side of the teeth that face the tongue. These braces are traditional fixed braces, which means they have the versatility of regular fixed braces, but they are also invisible because of their positon. This makes them an extremely good choice for adults who need more serious work that may not be available from aligners or removable braces, but they may be weary of getting fixed buccal braces. They have softer and more malleable brackets, and are reportedly more comfortable to wear. They work with somewhat weaker forces than traditional braces, and may take a bit more time. Lingual braces may give you a speech impediment for a short time, and may cut your tongue until you learn to speak with them on. This usually takes patient a couple of days, but sometimes a couple of weeks may be needed.  

lingual braces
Lingual brackets


Lingual braces are considerably more expensive than buccal ones. This is because the brackets are made form an alloy that costs more a sit has gold and other rare elements to make them more malleable. The placement of the braces also require highly specialised tools and knowledge that only few orthodontists have, and a rarity is always more costly. Finally, the study modelling requires highly specialised knowledge, which also pushes the price up.
All things considering, lingual braces are the perfect way to hide the fact that you are receiving orthodontic treatment, as they are truly invisible, unless someone can see through your teeth.    

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