Vivera Retainers: All You Need To Know

If you’ve been wearing braces or Invisalign® aligners, as you near the end of the prescribed treatment period, you might wonder: “What’s next ?” Chances are that wearing a retainer is the next step for you.  Retainers-- especially Vivera retainers-- strengthen the underlying jawbone and the supporting ligaments as well. Not only do teeth change position while wearing braces or aligners but the bone and connective tissue also change. 

vivera retainer
Vivera retainer is an invisible retainer

Therefore, Vivera retainers benefit the entire process by reinforcing the new bone configuration. Vivera retainers are made with the same state-of-the-art technology as Invisalign® aligners. This means that by using Vivera retainers to maintain your new smile, you benefit from some of the same qualities found in Invisalign® revolutionary aligners.

Benefits of Vivera Retainers

  • Vivera retainers are 30% stronger than other clear retainers.  This is important because stronger retainers will better keep the teeth properly aligned and prevent relapse.
  • Vivera Retainers are more durable. Some retainers deform after only a couple of months of use. Not so with Rivera retainers.
  • Vivera retainers provide much-needed retention flexibility for the varied retainer wearing that is required. Maybe you’ll wear retainers full-time. Perhaps nights only and maybe only a few nights at that. No worries!  Vivera retainers come in 4 distinct types accommodate you.
  • Vivera retainers are comfortable to wear and unobtrusive. That means wearing them with confidence as well as comfort!
vivera retainer
Vivera retainer

When Will I Wear Retainers?

The answer to this common question is: it varies. We must take into account factors such as the complexity of the previous orthodontic procedure and your age. But we at Forest & Ray are here to recommend a custom program for you.  Here is what a retainer-wearing schedule may look like:

  • The first 3-6 months after treatment: anywhere from 12 to 22 hours a day.
  • The next 6-12 months: night time only
  • After a year: 3-5 times a week 

 The thing to keep in mind is that retainers protect the investment you’ve already made in your smile. So, we think that your investment needs to be protected in the best way possible. That’s why at Forest & Ray, we are happy and proud to provide the best treatment with Vivera retainers.

Price: £5/day

Orthodontic treatment for children only for £5 a day!
*With interest free finance

The offer is valid until withdrawal.


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