Veneers- The Bane Of Orthodontists

Often times orthodontics are used for aesthetic purposes, and many times veneers are offered as an alternative to getting orthodontic treatment. At least, until recently. The problem is, orthodontists hate veneers. They do not give a solution to the problem in the same way that orthodontics do, and as suc, have claimed the enmity of orthodontists worldwide. Some orthodontists even talk about ethical stipulations. Here is a little bit of an overview of the controversy.


You may not know what veneers are, so let me first explain what they are before going on about why some dentists hate them. Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are stuck to teeth. Many celebrities have them. It is not a new technology, this has been done since the 70s. The process takes two or three visits, and teeth do have to be prepped (i.e. filed down) before the veneers are placed.


The Controversy

Orthodontists claim that nothing actually gets fixed when you use veneers, which is true enough. You should only get them if your teeth are in order. The problem is that people get it when they do not like their smile, and instead of trying to get their teeth fixed, they just resort to getting them filed down and having veneers put on them.

And that is the point of conflict. When you get your teeth filed down, your teeth will stay that way, so from then on you are committed, so to speak, to wearing veneers for life. Veneers are thus the quick solution, but not necessarily the best for overall oral health. Orthodontics take longer to correct a smile, but it’s a correction that usually leaves all teeth in their complete, healthy state.

In Defense

To be fair, it is rare for teeth to have any sort of problems befall them from getting filed down. And it is also rare for the teeth to become rotten, as they will be covered by a thin layer of a crown, basically the outer layer that goes on the metal or zirconium internal structures. This way, you can see that the teeth are rather well protected. The problem is that when the teeth do go bad, the veneers do not help in the healing process.

I do not know if there is an ethical ingredient involved, I don’t really think so, if the patient knows what they are getting into. Veneers are final, they cannot be revoked. It is a commitment, but once you know this, it is the same as getting your ears gauged or getting grills or any other body modification. Just know that it is irreversible and you are good to go.

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