Types of Orthodontic Consultations at Forest & Ray

Potential patients should also use the orthodontic consultation as their chance to ask any questions regarding the treatment. The most important questions that need to be brought up during the appointment are the following:

  •        What are the different types of orthodontic treatments available?
  •        What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?
  •        Which treatment option is most cost-effective?
  •        How long will the entire treatment process take?
  •        Will tooth extractions be necessary?


Orthodontic consultation

At Forest & Ray, we believe that the more the patient knows about us and the prospective treatment, the better a patient he or she will be- especially when it comes to orthodontics. That’s why we offer several orthodontic consultation choices.

The Short Consultation

This is a 15-minute compatibility check during which the prospective patient can get to know the dental professional and all the possibilities surrounding the orthodontic appliances. This mini-consultation is just that- a brief discussion with the orthodontist to assess each other and to see see the options available to you. As such it is the least expensive consultation. COST: Ł27

A More Extensive Consultation

As the name suggests, this consultation is more substantial and may take up to 45 minutes for it is very comprehensive. It will not only include a thorough examination of your teeth and a photo but a panoramic X-ray as well. At this time, an impression mold of your teeth may be made. You will learn about the various treatment plans and your options as well as the approximate length of time each treatment will take. If you choose to wait a few minutes you will be given a written, comprehensive treatment plan which will also outline the related costs of the procedures.
 If pressed for time, you can always elect to receive the treatment plan via email. But, in-person is better because the dental professional is there at hand to explain things in greater detail or answer any questions. This will allow you to make the most informed decision about the choices offered.  COST: Ł117

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INVISALIGN- Clin Check- 3D Animated Treatment Display

If you are considering an Invisalign appliance, you would do well to have this specially-designed consultation. It is the crucial first step of the Invisalign treatment. You will get to see a 3D animation of the process. And, based on this, 3D computer animation will be produced where you will be able to see what your teeth will look like after the procedure as the aligners guide them into the desired position. You will also be able to refer to the animation at your leisure at home or at work as you will be provided the link in your email. 

Note: you should only opt for this more expensive consultation if you have decided to go the Invisalign route. The Ł300 fee for this consultation will be refunded to you only if you go forward with the Invisalign. Should you change your mind and not choose Invisalign, you will not get back the Ł300 consultation cost.

Invisalign offer

Extensive orthodontic consultation offer

Price: £5/day

Orthodontic treatment for children only for £5 a day!
*With interest free finance

The offer is valid until withdrawal.


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