Orthodontic Problems and Solutions: Twisted Teeth

It is important for patients to know what kind of orthodontic problems they may have, as this is the only way to make sure that they can make informed choices about their dental treatment.   Depending on what kind of orthodontic problem you have, your treatment can last from six months to three years, and the costs that are incurred vary greatly. This is why these series of articles wish to articulate what kind of orthodontic problems exist, what their solutions are, and what kind of costs and treatment times can be expected. As each case varies greatly, the final say will be made by your orthodontist, but these articles should give the patient a general idea of what to expect.

Today we will be examining the problem of twisted teeth.

twisted teeth

What are twisted teeth?

Sometimes teeth aren’t crooked, or pushed this way or that, but actually rotate a bit. This will leave situations in which the side of the tooth that should be facing the other teeth is peering outwards. This gives the impression that the tooth is thin or broken, and is quite unsightly. Aside from not looking to good, these kind of teeth are also quite uncomfortable, because the side of the tooth can cut into the lips. This kind of malocclusion of the teeth is also bad because it necessarily leaves the bite open, because the tooth is not filling its usual place, but is rotated outwards. This can lead to a condition known as xerostomia, which is a constant, chronic dryness of the mouth, and can also lead to problems closing the lips, which can lead teeth to become decayed quicker.

How to treat twisted teeth

Rotating teeth is much more difficult than shifting them back or forth, or sideways. It requires more delicately calibrated gear, and generally takes more time. Fortunately, most cases can be rotated with traditional braces or lingual braces, but aligners can never be used to correct teeth that need to be rotated. Sometimes these teeth protrude so much or are in such a position that it makes more sense to extract the teeth than to try and rotate them back to a healthy position, but more often than not teeth can be rotated back into their intended position, as long as the other teeth around it have not filled its position yet.    

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