Toothache during Orthodontic Treatment

It is a well-known fact that dental hygiene should be amongst your top priorities, especially when wearing braces, because dental caries, causing toothache, can form much easier than without a fixed orthodontic device on your teeth. You need to pay extra attention to cleaning and flossing everyday during your orthodontic treatment!

What can cause toothache while in braces?

Unfortunately, not even the most careful cleaning can ensure that you will not have any cavities during your orthodontic treatment, that is why it is important to know how to deal with such a situation. It is also important to know, that even if you do not have caries, your tooth can be highly sensitive during your orthodontic treatment and cause toothache, without actual tooth decay.

There are multiple things you can do if you experience toothache or other unpleasant symptoms while wearing braces.


Fighting toothache at home

These solutions are always only temporary, but can ease your pain until you have the opportunity to visit your orthodontist - which you should do as soon as possible! When experiencing toothache, you can always take medicine to make it more bearable, but keep in mind that you should do it for as little time as you can - painkillers do not solve the problem, just make the pain disappear for a while. If your toothache is less severe, you can try rubbing with clove oil or with warm water to make the pain go away. In case you have swelling, rub with cold water instead of warm, it will numb the ache.

Fighting toothache at the clinic

It is absolutely necessary to visit your dentist if you experience any kind of pain during your orthodontic treament, because the core of the problem can only be solved professionally. After easing the pain if needed, visit our dental clinic and tell your orthodontist about the nature of your toothache. After discovering the core of your problem, the orthodontist will decide if you need tooth fillings or root canal treatment - but whatever should be the case, it is very likely that the procedure can be performed without taking the braces off. You will not have to pause your orthodontic treatment if other dental problems occur. The only need to come off if you need a tooth extraction, or if you experience extreme swelling, in other cases your orthodontic treatment will be uninterrupted.          

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