The importance of a nice smile


A recent study suggests that the importance of a nice smile is much greater than we may have thought.

An American study shows that nice smiles and success are linked in more than one way. While confidence is important, and a smile needs to radiate it, an unattractive smile can hurt more than just your self esteem. It appears that 74% of Americans believe that an ugly smile can impede their success professionally and financially. What’s more 92% of Americans consider an attractive smile to be an asset to their business and professional careers.


This is of course the reason for the new boom in adult orthodontics. And now with Incognito™ and other lingual braces as well as many different aligner systems available, nobody needs to know you wear braces but you. So the next time you go to a job interview or are up for promotion, show them your best smile, and see if perhaps the results coincide with the opinions held by the vast majority of Americans. Chances are they will be affirmed.


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