Six Month Smiles®

The world of orthodontics is changing very quickly, as we find out more and more about working with gentle forces to manipulate the position of teeth and as newer materials are tested and tried in dentistry. Six Month Smiles® are a result of this wonderful pairing of these two aspects of dentistry, and the result is nothing short of amazing. These devices have several benefits over clear aligners, and are aesthetic, nearly invisible fixed braces.

Think Ahead
Think Ahead

An overall improvement

Because they work with light forces and with newer brackets, these braces work much quicker than previous models of fixed braces, with the average treatment time being just around six months. Because they are fixed braces, Six Month Smiles® can provide a much more diverse array of treatment than clear aligners or other non-fixed appliances. Because they are the most aesthetically pleasing fixed braces on the market, they are ideal for adult orthodontics and have the power to completely revolutionise the industry.


Six Month Smiles® are provided by fixed braces, but they are different in that they are not made of the same material as fixed appliances usually are, but instead, are made of different materials and work slightly differently. Like all self-ligating braces, these ones also work with weaker occlusal forces, and are gentle and fast acting. They are aesthetically pleasing because the brackets are clear plastic, and are virtually invisible, and the archwire that runs through them is also tooth coloured, providing a very discreet and palatable appearance while the treatment is in session.

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Treats most, but not all

Although this new innovation in orthodontics is available to a much more diverse array of patients than previous ones, there are some limitations in who can receive Six Month Smiles®. By going to their website, you can answer 6 easy questions that can determine if you are eligible for a Six Month Smiles®. But be aware that regardless of what the website says, the best way to determine if you are eligible is to speak with a Six Month Smiles® provider yourself, and undergo a consultation session.     


Price: £5/day

Orthodontic treatment for children only for £5 a day!
*With interest free finance

The offer is valid until withdrawal.


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