Short Term Orthodontry Is Finally Here

A recent breakthrough touching on the fields of both cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics has happened quietly and without any type of large mass appeal or inclusion in any major media portals. Temporary orthodontic appliances have arrived to treat light dental problems, and they seem to be working remarkably well.

What It Is

Short term orthodontics are braces made from a tooth colored plastic material instead of the typical surgical steel. The appliances are almost always removable, and what is very important require no particular schedule to be kept (the longer they are in for each day, the shorter the treatment time), and can be taken out at the patients own discretion. They look similar to regular braces, but are thinner, colored like your teeth, and are by all accounts much more aesthetically pleasing.  



The benefits are that they do the same thing that regular braces do, except in a shorter amount of time. They are designed to exert force on specific teeth, perfect for realigning minor imperfections. They are removable, which cannot be said for your run of the mill ordinary orthodontic braces. This puts them in the same category as aligners, but these guys can fix more things than aligners.

A great benefit that these appliances have over both aligners and traditional orthodontic braces is their price. They are extremely low cost, delivering the same quality you would expect from braces but for much cheaper, making them a number one interest for people looking for low cost orthodontic treatment.


As with all tyípes of medical procedures, there are benefits and there are disadvantages as well. One of the main disadvantages with these types of appliances is that they do not cover all the bases, meaning they are only good for certain types of procedures, ones that are simpler and involve less exertion, ones that can be considered to be in the realm of cosmetic dentistry. They cannot heal a severe crossbite, for example, but can adjust a single tooth or a pair of teeth that are standing at a strange angle. If you are thinking of getting braces to straighten your smile, you should ask your orthodontist if short term orthodontry is an option for you, and what sort of times you would be looking at. Usually, patients can get a full treatment in 6 months or less.

Price: £5/day

Orthodontic package offer for only £5 a day!*
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The offer is valid until withdrawal. 

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