Removable Braces for Adult Orthodontics

Removable braces are most often used in children orthodontics, especially when there are still some milk teeth left in the mouth, or when the teeth only need minor adjustments. The reason is because the bones of children, including the jawbone, are extremely supple and malleable, and thus no fixed braces are necessary, as less hours will still get the results needed, and because children will have a harder time cleaning their braces and their teeth, so removing the braces during meals and when brushing the teeth protects the child’s dental health. But what about adults? Can adults also use removable braces, and if so,  in what cases?

removable braces

Benefits of removable braces

The benefits of removable braces are the same in adulthood as they are in childhood. They can be taken out during eating, brushing and whenever else you may find them uncomfortable and in the way, and thus the entire orthodontic treatment will be more hygienic and more comfortable. Because the food detritus will not stick to your braces and because you can clean your removable braces and teeth separately, you will have fewer cavities and less food detritus to deal with.

Disadvantages of removable braces

The problem is that with removable braces, they are only effective if worn for most of the day. This usually means that the treatment takes longer, because the patient is eager to take the braces out for any old reason they feel like, and this increased treatment time negatively impacts the treatment itself. The second problem is also a facet of removability: patients often lose or misplace the braces, which are expensive to replace. The third problem is that only few, minor problems can be corrected using these devices. Problems like crowding, the most often treated orthodontic problem, is treatable, but only the more simple instances of it, as a very complicated or very severe case of crowding cannot be treated with removable braces, or only at a ridiculously long treatment time. Basically, these braces can only solve aesthetic problems, and are not really good for solving anything more serious.

The best way to determine if removable braces are good for your treatment is to come in and talk to one of our expert orthodontists and have a consultation session.           

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