Preventing White Spot Lesions

One of the problems that orthodontists still are confronted with becomes visible not during treatment, but only once braces come off. The appearance of white spots on the teeth is a common side effect of wearing braces, and is a result of demineralization. When braces are worn, some of the metals present in the brackets have a tendency to leach calcium from the tooth, and this will leave demineralized zones or blotches on the tooth, these are white spot lesions. Even lingual braces can have these, but they will be less visible as the spots will show up on the lingual side of the teeth. These spots are not just an aesthetic problem! They are less resistant to bacteria, and the enamel is weakened in these areas, and are thus more likely to develop cavities.

High Fluoride Paste

Researchers in Sweden have seemed to tackle this problem. A study involving kids aged from 11 to 16 years of age has proven that the use of high fluoride paste along with regular toothpaste and oral hygiene measures will help in preventing the formation of white spot lesions. High fluoride paste is exactly what it sounds like; it is a toothpaste-like cream that needs to be applied to the teeth, and has four times the fluoride content of regular toothpaste. When applied to the teeth while the braces are on, they help get enough fluoride to the areas under the brackets so that even if fluoride is leached, it will be replenished immediately.



The other mineral that is frequently leached from the teeth is calcium. There are no special pastes to use when this mineral needs to be replenished. The way to deal with calcium deficiency is by eating calcium and magnesium together, as one cannot be absorbed without the other. Make sure to eat foods that are rich in calcium, like dairy products and leafy greens, this way, you can be sure you are getting enough of this vital mineral in your system.

Better Safe Than Sorry

The problem with these deficiencies is that they are tough to spot, and are usually only visible once the brackets have come off. This is why it is better to take preventative measures against the possibility of white spot lesions by using high fluoride paste and eating tons of calcium.

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