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Malocclusions occur biologically, and are due to programming found in the DNA in the root of each tooth, and that program interacting with existing conditions in the oral cavity, like space, proximity to other teeth, and tissues in the mouth. So it should be no surprise that all mammals can have malocclusions, not just humans or humanoid apes, and our pets are just as likely to develop them as we are (maybe a little less likely, as the dentition of humans if a complex thing indeed).

Braces For Pets

It should not be surprising, then, that humans also treat the orthodontic needs of their pets. There is a type of veterinary dentist who deals with veterinary orthodontics and gives cats and dogs braces to treat their malocclusions.

In animals with great variations like dogs, which have different muzzle lengths (think of a doberman and a pug), it may difficult to tell when the animal has a problem. The teeth look different and are in different places, and come in different sizes. Spotting that something is wrong can be quite confusing, after all, what are they looking for?


Typical Problems

The same thing that they look for in humans, actually. Although quite different in appearance, we humans do the same things with our teeth and mouth as dogs. When an animal is biting down the teeth should not touch, they should form something like a fence; they should link up, closing off completely but not shoved against each other. None of the teeth should stick out, none of them should be tilted in, and none of the teeth should be hitting any other when the mouth is closed. For cats the issue is a little bit more complicated. Cats all have relatively flat faces, although some are flatter than others. But the same rules apply, their teeth should not touch and they should not stick out nor should there be gaps, they should link up and form something like a fence.

If you are not sure whether or not your dog or cat needs orthodontics, you should look into it. Check with your local animal dentist, and get their opinion, or just take them to the regular vet, they will be able to tell you if anything is wrong, and will be able to refer you to someone who can deal with your pet’s problem and correct their bite.

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