Pardon, How Much Are Braces

One of the most frequently asked questions with any dental procedure is how much it will cost. With prices of health care, particularly of dentistry, constantly on the rise, it should be of little surprise that patients are interested, even worried, about how much their chompers are going to cost them.

In no other form of dentistry is this more the case than orthodontics. Braces are notoriously known for being very expensive, and patients are more and more reluctant to pay the price of orthodontic treatment. The fact that most dental insurances do not cover orthodontry does not make the situation any easier.

Different Kinds Of Orthodontry

As each kind of orthodontic brace has a different cost, and each clinic will charge different amounts of money for their braces, it is hard to give you a range of prices that can be expected. First off let’s get to know, from the point of view of price, the different orthodontic appliances.


The cheapest orthodontic appliance of all is the standard metallic fixed orthodontic brace. These are the typical, run of the mill braces that we all know and love. These are more expensive if the brackets are made of tooth colored ceramic material, and can be more expensive if headgear or elastics must also be used.

Braces placed on the inside of teeth, called lingual braces, are more expensive than braces placed in the standard position, on the buccal side of the teeth.

Self ligating braces, such as the Damon orthodontic systems, are much more expensive. These are specialty braces, and all specialty braces cost more than the standard ones. They have many benefits that standard metal braces do not, but of course this expertise comes with a price.

Aligners are another subject, as they are recent and still quite expensive. They are also very rare, and not many orthodontist deal with them as yet. With more dentists becoming interested in these products, we may see a reduction in price, but right now they are one of the most expensive ways to align your teeth.


While it is difficult to judge how much you will be spending exactly, as this is dependant on what sort of malocclusion will be treated, what your condition is, what sort of brace you will be using and a host of other questions, it is safe to say that you treatment will cost at the very least 1300 GBP. It is simply impossible to get quality orthodontic treatment for under this amount, but the bill can run up to as much as 7000 GBP. To get an idea of how much money you will need to spend on straightening your teeth, go and see an orthodontist, have a consultation session, and get them to write you a treatment plan. This is the only way to get a price that you can count on, and until the dentist has seen you, any price given will be merely speculation.

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