Orthodontry For Teens

The ideal time to get braces is after all of the teeth have just erupted, during the time that the wisdom teeth are starting to grow out. This time is ideal for a number of reasons: it is the earliest time that an orthodontic device can benefit a patient, but it needs to be started as early as possible., as bones become harder and harder with each passing year. So the early teens are unfortunately the best time to get orthodontic treatment. This is unfortunate because this is a time when kids start understanding their own bodily autonomy, and undergo a period where they are extremely aware of their looks. This is also a time when kids learn to ostracize one another, and build social relations, and appearance plays a very dramatic part in these social relations.

Benefits of orthodontry

Having straight teeth is absolutely important for life later on. If you have crooked teeth they will not last as long as straight ones, as the they are harder to clean, more prone to decay and to tartar development, and are less aesthetically pleasing. The sooner you begin the treatment, the shorter it will last, and the sooner it will be over. Getting it later will make it last longer and be more difficult, so convincing your child that they need to start treatment is vital. Of course, this is easier said than done.


What can be done

There are several options that can make wearing braces easier, more fun and less of a hassle.

Aesthetic braces: The best thing to do is to get aesthetic braces. Either tooth coloured brackets that are almost invisible, or clear, see through sapphire brackets can minimize the self consciousness that kids feel when they wear braces.

Traditional braces: Traditional braces are a lot better than when you were a kid. The brackets are smaller, the wires thinner, and the entire thing is much more comfortable. This also makes kids forget that they are wearing braces at all.

Removable appliances: Nowadays dentists tend to use removable devices with younger patients. This is good because it minimizes the risk of tooth decay that is prevalent among young orthodontic patients, and is also good because the patient can remove it during eating and during sports, but be aware that the less time the device is inside the mouth, the longer the treatment will last.       

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