Orthodontics To Treat General Health Issues

Holistic medicine, often derived from spiritual practices and from understandings of the human body from times before the microscope was invented, always treats the human body as a whole. If something goes wrong, it is usually seen as a problem in the way the body is working and, instead of treating the symptoms, holistic healers like to change the person’s lifestyle up. Real medical professionals are also starting to adopt this aspect, and are noting how intertwined and interrelated human health really is.


In a paper recently posted by Drs Yong-Kuen Lee and Hyung-Joo Moon from South Korea which dealt with orthodontics and their role in the relief of myofascial pain, one of the things they saw was that people who needed orthodontics to correct more serious problems that were causing them TMJ problems had a turn of better overall health once they got their recommended orthodontic treatments done.


One of the things they found was that people who had TMJ problems and lesions in their jaw muscles had bad balance, and their eyesight was affected. In elderly people, a malocclusion that was with them their entire life usually correlated to weakness in the legs and feet. Overall, balance seems to be what is most affected by TMJ syndrome, as well as agility and coordination of movements. Physical performance is also affected by TMJ syndrome, this is why even sports that do not require physical contact will require a tooth guard, as we tend to clench down when we concentrate or compete.


So the theory is that by treating the TMJ issues, you may also be able to treat things like physical instability and a faulty balance as well, which can lead to better posture which can lead to rectifying of skeletal issues, which in turn can lead to the end of back pain or neck pain. So it seems that the idea can be reversed, and you can indeed have orthodontics cure more than just crooked teeth, by curing the crooked teeth.

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