Orthodontics or dental veneers?

Braces are capable of fixing an extremely wide array of malocclusions and problems of the bits and the alignment of teeth. Teeth can be rotated, shifted, removed, spaced, and jiggled around in extraordinary and surprising ways. But certain problems simply cannot be solved with the use of orthodontics, and in these cases, your only chance is to cover up the problems with the help of dental veneers. Here is a guide to what problems can be solved with the use of orthodontics and what issues need the use of dental veneers, thereby giving you an idea of what you can probably expect. Of course you need to consult with a dentist to get a final opinion!

Orthodontics rather than dental veneers

If the problem is primarily with the alignment of the teeth, and not with their appearance, then the use of orthodontics is recommended. If the teeth are crowded, pushed together, too far apart, standing at odd angles (snaggleteeth), or you need to gloss over a minor tooth gap, then orthodontic treatment will be the best way to go.


Dental veneers more than orthodontic treatment

If your problem concerns the size, shape or appearance of your teeth, then you probably need dental veneers. If you just want your teeth to be whiter, then we recommend getting the much cheaper and less invasive tooth whitening treatment, as this is simpler and requires less dental work. But if you want a set of teeth that look completely different, and the problem is not the shade, but the actual colouration of the teeth, then dental veneers will have to be used. If some of your teeth are dead and therefore darker, or have been filled and are darker than the rest, you will need dental veneers in order to cover them up.

Some extra thoughts about dental veneers

All in all, for aesthetic purposes, dental veneers are more universal, and can handle pretty much any problem. But beware! Dental veneers require more dental work, and will significantly change the way your teeth look and feel, and once you get them you will have to keep using them for life. This requires a very well thought out decision that you are sure you will not regret. Before getting dental veneers, make sure you consult with your dentist several times, and get a chance to ask any relevant questions and have a general idea of what this dental treatment entails, and how the end result will look.  

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