Orthocryl is a new and improved acrylic solution for orthodontic appliances. It is basically a powder acrylic that goes on your orthodontic appliances. It has the benefit of being any color, and to boot, any pattern can also be sprayed unto your retainer or any of the braces or other orthodontics  you may want to decorate. Literally any pattern can be put on your orthodontry, and in any color, and you can get glow in the dark and pretty much any other option as well. Well worth looking into. Their materials are proven non toxic, and it is quite affordable, not to mention the fact that they have some of the most awesome designs, and that any design is possible with this new technique they have developed.  



The company behind all of this is a german company by the name of Dentaurum. This company has been at the forefront in orthodontic innovations, and have their own brackets and specialize in very, very high end supplies for orthodontists. This is, as far as I can tell, their first move towards the general public, and not just dental professionals. The company is well worth looking into, as their state of the art equipment belies German quality and precision, alongside professionalism and they take marvelous guarantees for their work as well.

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Price: £45

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