Myth: Braces Made of Metal Are Magnetic

Some people still insist that metal braces are magnetic. So let’s set the record straight about one of the biggest myths that should put a smile on your face. Newsflash! Braces made of metal are not magnetic! Now that we’ve cleared that up you can safely proceed through the airport’s metal detector or, for example, get an MRI. Another thing- not only are braces made of metal not magnetic but you no longer must be self-conscious that you have a magnet-attracting cage in your mouth when you open it to smile. To ensure that perfect smile, today’s modern braces made of metal are made of metal alloys that are not magnetic. They may look like the braces that your parents may have worn but it’s even possible that even they never experienced magnetic problems with their metal braces. In any event, you won’t.

Metal braces
Metal braces

Non-Magnetic Metal Alloys  Are Used

We won’t get technical here but suffice to say that magnetic metals are not in the alloys used to make metal braces.  And these alloys, that are completely non-magnetic, will help the orthodontic appliance to retain its shape which means faster results as well as durability and flexibility. Because of the myth about metal braces being magnetic, for a long time some folks thought that braces made of metal would cause interference problems with television and radio reception or any electronic devices for that matter. That’s just not the case so you no longer have to fear being pulled from your chair by a magnetic drone above! 

Braces Being Magnetic Is Not The Only Myth

And because braces made of metal don’t have any such dreadful drawbacks, we may as well debunk another myth while we’re at it. You have no better chance of being struck by lightning with braces made of metal than other mortals- about one in a million. Unfortunately, because these are not great conductors of anything, and therefore non-magnetic, you can’t download music via your braces. The good news on the other hand: you don’t have to shy away from playing a metal musical instrument. Now that that is settled, flash a confident smile and go ahead and channel your inner Kenny G and pick up that sax! 

Wear Your Metal Braces With Confidence

Wear Your Metal Braces With Confidence

Hooray, the magnetized metal braces myth has been forever debunked. Thus, you no longer have to be concerned about it in your quest for that snazzy smile. For the most part, all you may need to worry about with your braces made of metal are some minor discomfort issues. It’s possible that you might feel some pressure and a bit of an odd feeling as forces are placed upon your teeth by the metal braces to align them. Don’t worry. This feeling will go away in no time and you’ll be on your way to the sublime smile you’ve always dreamed about. So, feel free to include braces made of metal in your orthodontic plans along with the other non-metal braces choices when the time is right to go for that spectacular smile.


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