Mission Of Mercy Charity

After the devastating Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is still struggling to regain its former glory. Though relief efforts have continued for years, the city lies largely unrestored, and some still live in the same temporary housing as provided after the terrifying natural disaster. This is the background to which Mission Of Mercy Charity was founded.

The Mission Of Mercy


The idea behind the mission is that dentists and orthodontists try to help the locals living in the area by providing them with a day when they can get free dentistry. This year that day will be November 3rd, and the focus will be on orthodontics. According to the plans, one thousand patients will be seen, and most will be fitted with braces, and all of this will be done for free, possibly at the expense of the participating orthodontists. I sincerely applaud them for their work; this is what it means, truly, to be a humanitarian.


It is heartening in this day in age, when the news makes us believe that the bottom line drives human action, to be reminded that for so many people are still the first priority. As more and more people realize that every bit of help makes a difference so much greater than the effort involved, more and more social ills can benefit from small community actions. In such a large world it is ridiculous to imagine that governments can find let alone provide cures for every small problem; this mission illustrates the difference we all can make if we just take a little time to do something ourselves to help our fellow man.


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Price: £5/day

Orthodontic package offer for only £5 a day!*
*With interest free finance

The offer is valid until withdrawal. 

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