Mini Screws In Orthodontic Treatment

Mini screws are like tiny dental implants that are used in dentistry for various purposes. They are always hypoallergenic, as they are inside the mouth. They can be put on the actual orthodontic device itself, or in the soft issues or even the bones. Usually the screw is placed into the jawbone above the teeth.

Mini screw

Why are they used in orthodontics?

Although using dental implants to replace teeth is quite common, using mini dental implants to straighten teeth may not be as intuitive or readily understandable. They are used to provide anchorage. This means that in order to exert a kind of force, the brace may need to be anchored to someplace that is not on the teeth. This is especially true when teeth need to be rotated, and it is also the case when previously impossible teeth need to be aligned. These tiny screws are usually anchored into the jawbone, above the teeth, and are tied to the orthodontic device by use of ligatures. These can be elastic, but in these cases are usually made of either precious metals like gold (because they are hypoallergenic) or titanium.


These mini dental implants are completely safe, but do make treatment more complicated. They are only used when especially necessary, and when the treatment cannot be completed in other ways, or in other words, only when they are medically necessary. Like with all dental implants, there can be some pain or discomfort after the placement of these mini dental implants, but that should be over in a few days.
The other problem is that because these dental implants have constant pressure on them, they can break or become damaged with more frequency than regular dental implants. They can break upon placement or when they are removed, and a surgical flap needs to be opened when this occurs. Sometimes the torque from the orthodontic brace is strong enough to partially or entirely pull the dental implant out of the bone. These risks occur very rarely, and this form of dental implantation is just as routine and safe as the use of regular dental implants. 

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