Irene's Ideal Invisalign® Aligner Day

Irene had heard a lot of good things about Invisalign® aligners so it’s no surprise she was excited when she got her aligners. Let’s follow her through her day to get an idea what’s in store for you after the Forest & Ray professionals happily install yours!


Irene, an early riser, popped out of bed at 5:30 AM after getting a comfortable 8 hours of sleep with her Invisalign® aligners in. Since she hardly knew she was wearing them, she showered with them on before removing them and placing them into a glass of Retainer Brite for cleaning.

By 7:00 AM, after softly brushing her aligners in a mild soap mixture, and having eaten breakfast, brushed and flossed, the Invisalign® aligners were back in her mouth. Irene smiled in the mirror- barely noticing them in her mouth- and headed out the door confident that this would be a great day at work.

As was her custom, she got up from her desk at 10:00 AM for her coffee/tea break. Because it was a hot day, Irene opted for ice- tea but remembered to remove her aligners before slurping the liquid through a straw. She’s almost ready to return to her desk but not before rinsing the aligners and replacing them in her mouth. They’ve only been out of her mouth for about half an hour in total since last night and she’s enjoying the freedom as they silently improve her smile.

It’s 12:30 PM and time for lunch. Where has the morning gone?! Irene quickly removes her Invisalign® aligners and wolfs down a sandwich in the cafeteria. Before strolling back to the office, she makes pit- stop in the bathroom to brush her teeth and give her aligners a spritz of cleaner and a quick rinse. It’s hard to imagine that the aligners have been only out of her mouth for a mere 60 minutes so far today!

Invisalign aligner
Invisalign® clear aligner

By 5:15 PM, Irene is cruising through her flat’s front door and ready to remove Invisalign® for a 15- minute soak in plain water. She plops in a chair for a few minutes and, before putting the aligners back in her mouth, rinses her mouth, brushes and fosses thoroughly. Time to think about dinner! What to make? It’s really a dilemma because there is nothing that she can’t eat. She has so many choices!

Well, 6:30 PM finds Irene at the dinner table and her Invisalign® soaking in a glass of plain tap-water. But not for long! After a leisurely meal and quick brushing and flossing, the aligners are back in her mouth. Irene does a quick calculation in her brain. Invisalign® have been out of her mouth for less than 1 ½ hours since she awoke!

When bedtime rolls around, Irene removes her Invisalign® aligners so she can really brush and floss vigorously. At the same time, she cleans the aligners and, after a few minutes, pops them back into her mouth for the overnight period. All in all, her aligners have been in her mouth and at work for 22 hours. If she keeps this up for a day at a time, after about 7 months and checks- in with the Forest & Ray Dental Clinic, she’ll have that perfect smile she’s always dreamed about. Speaking about dreams, it’s off to a dreamy night with her comfortable aligners. Goodnight, Irene.

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