Impacted Tooth Uncovering

Sometimes teeth do not grow and fit into the arch entirely. These teeth do not descend into the mouth enough, and are at least partially, if not entirely covered by gums. This is a problem not only because it is unattractive, but because it is unhealthy. These impacted teeth, as they are called, are much more prone to tooth decay, are harder to clean, and can cause irritation and inflammation of the gums, can lead to the formation of apical cysts at the tooth roots, and can even cause periodontitis. Luckily, it is possible to help these teeth descend with orthodontics.

A complex procedure

Uncovering impacted teeth is a complex procedure that involves close cooperation between an oral surgeon and an orthodontist. Usually, some of the gum material needs to be removed, or a window needs to be opened to expose the tooth surface. Then, the orthodontist can help attach a bracket or a chain to the tooth, and help gently lead it downwards. Sometimes, the orthodontist may need to start aligning the teeth before the impacted tooth is exposed, to make sure that the tooth has ample room to erupt into. Getting the tooth to fully erupt can take months, but it is very important to not exert too much force, as the alveolus must not become damaged, so it will be able to house the tooth later on.


Aside from avoiding all of the risks to your health that were mentioned earlier, it is both aesthetically more appealing and functionally desirable to have all of your teeth aligned, and you cannot do that without first having all of your teeth be properly erupted. A nice, closed smile is easier to take care of and is more beautiful. If some of your teeth are not erupted than the rest of your teeth have to do the work for it, which usually means that they will be overloaded and will become damaged and more prone to tooth decay. Consult your orthodontist and ask what options are available, and what they can help you to get the best possible smile.



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